AK-47 120 Servings
  • AK-47 120 Servings
  • AK-47 120 Servings

AK-47 120 Servings


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AK-47 Pre-Workout Paranoia hits you that quick you won't even know what happened. Provides great boost of energy and tastes absolutely fantastic.

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AK-47: Pre-Workout Paranoia Description

  • explosive energy

  • hits you with speed of a bullet

  • amazing taste

  • beast mode activator

  • 120 servings per tub

What is AK-47 Preworkout Paranoia

AK-47 Preworkout Paranoia uses the best quality ingredients to enhance your physical and mental performance. The formulations in this preworkout AK-47 are designed to blow your mindset out of this world to get you run faster, lift heavier and therefore look better naked as a result of it. It has 120 servings per tub so there are plenty of workouts covered with this preworkout supplement. AK-47 Pre-Workout Paranoia comes in a fantastic flavour, so the taste in your mouth will be gorgeous. Assess your tolerance with this strong prewourkout to ensure that this AK-47 won’t literally blow your head off.


How to use AK-47 Preworkout Paranoia

As a sport supplement use this preworkout 15-20 minutes before your training. Assess your tolerance and start with half a scoop and mix with 200ml of water.


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