German Pharma Halo 60 Caps
  • German Pharma Halo 60 Caps
  • German Pharma Halo 60 Caps

German Pharma Halo 60 Caps


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German Pharma Halo builds a great deal of lean muscle and burns fat at the same time. German Pharma Halo also contain Laxogenin that also increases the protein synthesis.

German Pharma Halo Description

  • increased strength

  • lean muscle mass

  • contains laxogenin

  • increased protein synthesis


What is German Pharma Halo

If you are looking to maximise your gains, and break new ground without compromising your health overall well-being through severe hormonal imbalances, German Pharma Halo is simply the cycle for you.


How German Pharma Halo works

The active ingredient in German Pharma Halo is the probolic stanodrol (3-beta-hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one). Unlike prohormones, this has minor effects to the endocrine system with very little estrogen conversion, but brings the results through the testosterone derivative DHT, so you can see an increase in strength and lean muscle without knocking your body out of balance in comparison to a steroid.

German Pharma Halo also contains laxogenin, a plant steroid, that is proven to increase protein synthesis whilst decreasing protein breakdown. A brilliant perk of supplementing laxogenin is the how it aids recovery and growth by inhibiting the stress hormone cortisol.


How to use German Pharma Halo

Take one capsule, twice daily. Do not exceed the recommended cycle length. It is recommended to use cycle support supplements during your cycle to improve and enhance liver and cardiovascular health. Always follow your cycle with an optimal post-cycle therapy.

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