Hardcore Muscle

Hardcore Muscle

In this section you can find sports supplements that have a strong muscle building effect and that take care of your general health. Choose from SARM’s, prohormones, PCT, cycle support and test boosters. Lets explain quickly what these are. 

SARM or selective androgen receptor mudulators are chemically similar to testosterone and are intended to mimic it’s effect. They work selectively and are a safer way than prohormones with less side effects and with much better results than test boosters which makes them ideal to get that extra safe but really strong boost to your training. 

Prohormones are a substance that is converted into a hormone once it has been consumed and is a powerful tool how to enhance your training and should be used with cycle support and following with a PCT

PCT stands for post cycle support and is recommended when a prohormone cycle or usage of other supplements that require PCT has been completed to take care of your body and it’s natural hormone levels.

Cycle Support are supplements that are used during a prohormone cycle to support for example the liver and cardiovascular function and minimise the side effects which of course is not the result of every prohormone.

Testosterone Boosters are natural supplements to boost the production of your testosterone levels. These sports supplements are plant based and they dont require PCT or cycle support.

Estrogen blockers are supplements that reduce the production of estrogen and effects of estrogen on the body. Estrogen blockers restore the hormone balance where the testosterone levels may be low and high estrogen levels and where high levels of testosterone levels are present and some of this testosterone aromitizes or converts to estrogen what may lead to water retention, bloating, fat gain, breast tissue enlargement (bitch tits) which is not great if you are a man, further more it also may cause sexual/erectile dysfunction, low energy and inability to increase the muscle mass

5% Nutrition Liver and Organ Defender 270 Capsules

5% Nutrition Liver and Organ Defender Description liver support heart support ..

Blackstone Labs Abnormal 60 Tablets Prohormone

    Blackstone Labs ABNORMAL Description Pro Anabolic Precursor ..

Blackstone Labs Apex Male 240 Capsules

    Blackstone Labs Apex Male Description Natural Test Booster ..

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE 60 Tablets Prohormone

    Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE Prohormone Description Mass Gains ..

Blackstone Labs Chosen1 60 Tablets Prohormone

    Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 Description Dry Lean Gains Hardeni..

Blackstone Labs Eradicate 90 Capsules

    Blackstone Labs Eradicate Estrogen Blocker Description Reduces Estr..

Blackstone Labs Gear Support 90 Capsules

    Blackstone Labs Gear Support Description Protects Your Organs ..

Blackstone Labs Growth 90 Capsules

    Blackstone Labs Growth Description Sleep Aid Formula Post W..

Blackstone Labs Metha-Quad Extreme 30 Tablets Prohormone

    Blackstone Labs Metha-Quad Pro Anabolic Stack Description Potent Pr..

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Blackstone Labs PCT V 60 Capsules

    Blackstone Labs PCT V Post Cycle Therapy Description Prohormone Cyc..

Driven Sports Activate Xtreme 120 Capsules

Driven Sports Activate Xtreme Description increased testosterone levels increased m..

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Driven Sports Triazole 90 Capsules

Driven Sports Triazole Description superb estrogen blocker natural testosterone boo..

German Pharma Epistan 60 Caps

German Pharma Epistan Description prohormone supplement dry and lean gains ..

German Pharma Halo 60 Caps

German Pharma Halo Description increased strength lean muscle mass contains..

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MAN Sports Delta XT 84 Capsules

MAN Sports Delta XT Description natural testosterone booster regulates estrogen ..

Muscle Rage Annihilate 90 Capsules

Muscle Rage Annihilate Description ​effective estrogen blocker eradicates gyno ..

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