BPS Pharma Catzkill 30 Servings
  • BPS Pharma Catzkill 30 Servings
  • BPS Pharma Catzkill 30 Servings
  • BPS Pharma Catzkill 30 Servings

BPS Pharma Catzkill 30 Servings


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BPS Pharma Catzkill is a great preworkout that contains a mixture of compounds to increase the cognitive function, focus and the energy levels to hit the gym fully prepared.

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BPS Pharma Catzkill Description

  • energy for intense workouts

  • enhanced muscle pump

  • increased muscle endurance

  • increased motivation

What is BPS Pharma Catzkill

BPS Pharma Catzkill is a preworkout supplement to increase your focus, motivation and endurance in the gym. It’s a popular booster that helps you to get going, keeps the energy sustained but mainly you will not have that crash feeling after it wears off. Catzkill is a comprehensive preworkout supplement.

The base of the preworkout Catzkill is a mixture of compounds that include Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine or Green Tea Extract to improve the cognitive function and the ability to concentrate. With caffeine as the main stimulant providing increased energy stores, this mixture provides the ability to maintain the effects for a longer period of time without the feeling of jittery and irritation.

Citrulline Malate in Catzkill increases the nitric oxide to improve the blood circulation to achieve a better muscle pump. Better pump with increased blood volume brings more nutrients and oxygen into the muscle tissue and increases the workout effectivity.

The dosage of Beta-Alanine in Catzkill improves the muscle endurance and reduces the postworkout muscle soreness. 

The addition of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and sodium keep the electrolyte and water balance at optimal level, reduce the postworkout feeling of exhaustion and support the muscle function.


How to use BPS Pharma Catzkill

BPS Pharma Catzkill sport supplement is best used 20-30 minutes before the workout. It’s not recommended to be used late at night not to disturb the sleep.

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